Bootcamp registration 1_2015

Officials bootcamp for newbies/beginners/intermediate

We are proud to present a Bootcamp for newbie/beginner/intermediate level officials on Fri 30.1.2015 in Oulu

HNSO Kaiser Geuze will be in charge of training our beloved flamingo babies starting 17:30 and HR Angry Iglesias will be in charge of running our brave zebra foals starting 18:30.

Bootcamp will continue  20:30 – 22 during which time there will be on skates training for the referees.

You also get a chance to view Oulu – Luleå bout and Oulu – Ylivieska scrimmage on the 31.1 if you plan on arriving for 2 days.

Cost for the bootcamp is 15 €.

You don’t have to worry even if you’ve never heard of Roller Derby before but want to get in the groove!

NSOs don’t need skates or any other gear and you can come and learn also about reffing without skates if you haven’t had time to get yours yet.

At the bootcamp you can also get more info about joining Oulu Roller Derby´s crew of officials.

Fill in the registration form below and we will send you details and payment info within a few days.

We can take maximum 20 students per group and last day for registration is 20.1.2015.

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